Table Rentals

When it comes to hosting your party it is only necessary to ensure that you have the whole set up so everyone can enjoy their time splendidly. From the food and drinks, to the seating and entertainment, Gigi Party Rental is here to make sure that your party is hosted with ease.Dance Floor Rentals

No matter how large or small your party may be, having enough seating for everyone is an asset that some accidentally overlook. Whether adults need a place to socialize and congregate as their kids play, or the children need a place to sit and recuperate their energy, it's important that everyone has a seat to do so. We offer chair and table rentals for your convenience; don’t go out and overspend on multiple tables and chairs that will just take up room in your attic or garage, when you can just rent ours by using as much equipment that your party requires. We even have chair cover rentals to provide some added decoration to your party setup!

Additionally, outdoor parties can be a win-lose situation when it comes to the unpredictable weather. It could be too hot and there is not enough shade to cool off, or in contrast it could be too cold and everyone would be shivering which isn’t fun either. Luckily, we provide a win-win solution for these weather predicaments. We offer outdoor equipment such as tent rentals and canopies for those hot summer days that need some extra shade.

If you are looking for quality party rentals contact us today! We proudly serve the residents in Delray Beach, FL!